Listen, Learn, Dance, Enjoy!

So a little text that might help you enjoy the music that I have posted:

It is important for you to understand that Vocals is an instrument too but NOT the only one. 


We often emphasize/rely of them so much that we don't really listen to the rest of the band that has an equally important part to play in the song.


If we understand the Vocals we immediately establish a connection with the song and begin the enjoy it or not. 

Like I always say: enjoyment is a bi-product of your understanding. 

The more you understand the more you can enjoy.

But once try to ignore the vocals and concentrate on another instrument. Follow it closely throughout the song. Begin the understand its role in terms of pattern, tempo, timing etc. and you shall see you a new perspective to listening to music. 

Once you begin to enjoy other instruments you really open your mind to music from any country and sung in any language. 


Please understand its impossible to learn all languages to enjoy WORLD MUSIC! 

Try this technique and let me know if I was any help to understand and enjoy more music that is out there.

Learn to Listen to Music