Hitesh Teckchandani, a.k.a Salsawala, has been living up his motto of “Never Stop Dancing” for over 20 years or more.
A Latin dance instructor and promoter, he has been teaching across Asia and Europe for more than 13 years.
He trained at the University of Surrey, UK, in a spectacular variety of dance styles and aims to ensure the best of training for dance enthusiasts and to bring greater visibility to Kolkata as a dance destination.
His forte is his passion for teaching, dancing and promoting social dance for one and all, as well as his ability to break down footwork and intricate turn patterns into easy steps, emphasis on musicality and on social dance etiquette.
Along with Salsa and Bachata, he has lately embraced Kizomba, an Angolan dance form, and is engrossed in efforts to spread the love of this dance form in India through regular classes, workshops and events.

His contributions to the Latin dance community of Kolkata include:

  • Two international-level dance events, Kizomba in Kolkata and Kolkata Salsa Weekend, both of which have been a huge success in their previous editions.

  • Hosting and DJ-ing Hot Latin Thursdays, a weekly party at Virgose, HHI, every Thursday.

  • Training dance enthusiasts in Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha and of course, Kizomba.

  • Travelling extensively to festivals across the country and abroad for teaching and training.

  • An outdoor outreach programme known as Salsa in the Lakes that aims to take dance to the masses, every Sunday morning at Rabindra Sarobar.

At present, he is looking forward to making the 4th edition of Kolkata Salsa Weekend & 5th edition of Kizomba in Kolkata an experience to remember!