Learn & Let Learn :)

Salsa or Bachata or Kizomba is a SOCIAL DANCE!

Social Dance = Partners

Partners = Interdependence 

If you know you NEED another person to be able to "Social Dance" then why not help each other to learn. 

I have often noticed at events where people don't maintain proper lines during class and just try to always stand in the front line. 

What happens here is that you kinda get the material but then you are blocking people behind you from being able to see whats happening and their learning in hampered.
If the instructor/teacher says to change lines and you cheekily don't you are just

1. Selfish and

2. Hampering the learning of a person who you 100% need to be able to Social Dance.

If you are an intermediate/advanced dancer then you should certainly lead by example and help the teacher/instructor to be able to change lines appropriately. 


I have often noticed that people who stand outside the dance floor on the carpet, for some reason, don't feel the need to change lines because they are "off the dance floor". Well on or off the dance floor you should change lines and encourage a balanced learning through all participants. If there are people behind you then you must change and if you notice that there are too many people on the dance floor and you find the carpet to be good enough, then encourage people to use that space too.

Its very easy to play the blame game and say "no one changes" but then you are part of the "no one". If you individually decide to change then "everyone" changes and that way you will ensure that everyone learns, everyone respects each other. There will be more communal harmony and positivity amongst participants. 

Plus never forget that everyone has paid for them to learn and to be there :)

There maybe some points that I have missed but the point is simple:
Learn and Let Learn so that you can have a better experience on the Social Dance Floor :)