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Hitesh aka "The Salsawala"

The Salsawala advice:

Choose your course wisely.
Slow and steady progress is the aim of the race. Yes you can unlock both courses for a nominal price but is that the idea or is it make sure you unlock after you are honestly getting a hang of things. Make the most of online classes where you can: Listen, Learn, Understand, Repeat: Multiple times.
Be responsible, be ready, be honest: The rest will fall into place. 
Oh Btw if you are confused then, start with the basics.
Q: Why are these courses not for free?
I mean isn't art meant to be free!

A: This course is not free because even teachers, artistes, painters, actors also need to pay bills just like every accountants, engineers, lawyers etc.  Its not possible for us to trade with thank you's and email addresses :)
(Not sorry for being so crude lol)
Q: When will I become a SALSA DANCER?
A: Honestly speaking I don't understand this question.
Just like when you begin your journey in learning a language and still are surprised that ever after several years you continue to discover and learn new words and phrases. Although you became a speaker (of a certain experience) the day you learnt, understood and said your first word.

Q: I have a question: Salsawala interrupts:
Arre baba start learning toh first! No more questions till you go through the experience!