Getting ready for a Salsa Congress?

Suggested items to pack

  • Save your teacher/promoter/organiser's number on your phone: (First point of contact in case something actually goes wrong: Not “Where is the toilet?”)

  • Valid identification (Passport, driving license)

  • Printout of travel tickets, venue address and event itinerary

  • Clear signage on bag to claim ownership (This will help not only at the airport but also in shared accommodation)

  • Upon arrival at the congress venue take a walk around to see what is where so that you are not frantically looking for halls or toilets when needed in a rush

  • One rucksack to pack daily stuff

  • Decide the workshops you want to attend in advance. If you are confused, ask your teacher

  • If you plan to do workshops then 2 change of t-shirts, a bottle of water (which can be refilled) and a little bit of snacks like biscuits etc. may help you to continue concentrate

  • Dance shoes of some sort for the workshops (most congresses in the world have some on sale)

  • Outfits for each of the night in accordance to the theme + Pool party wear(if there is one)

  • Carry a mobile or video recording device with enough free space that will ensure you can film each workshop you attend

  • At the end of each day send the video to a whatsapp group/upload to a cloud after which you can delete it from your phone memory. You may download the videos after the end of the festival upon your return. (DON'T put them up on Facebook or Youtube).

  • Throw in 3 to 4 hand towels to carry with yourself during the workshops etc.

  • Remember to check in online if you can (if you are flying)

  • Have lots and lots of fun..