Unsaid Dance Floor & Festival rules :)

- Shut up when the teacher is speaking. No need to have internal discussions or greetings Example: "Whats up", "How's it going?, "Had a good Night?"  etc etc. Completely unnecessary and very distracting to the teacher and participants

- Mobile phones should only be used outside the hall and not anywhere inside. Irrespective of your ability to whisper or "answer it quickly"

- Adhere to time. Be on time for classes, parties & shows. If things start late then ask the organizer 

- Remember your personal hygiene: Change of t-shirt, mouth fresher, deodorant, hand towel to name a few

- Always ask someone to dance instead of assuming they wanna dance with you and drag them onto the floor

- Don't TEACH on the dance floor because even if u know what you are doing, its impossible to teach a concept/move during a busy Party. People who do this I don't think are teachers or even close to being one either

- Listen carefully to corrections someone is getting, it will help you too

- Always remember that ONCE you were a beginner too and if you dance with someone and make them feel like shite you still are a beginner. Pace your dances and make sure your partner is smiling. Having fun is more important that exhibiting complicated dance moves

- PATIENCE! Things can go wrong! You too may have to wait! You will be attended! But it just may not be when you want. 

Above are a few points that have occurred to me, will add more or happy for u to send in your thoughts and will add giving appropriate credit.